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´╗┐kimboslice s Opinions on AAPL

Apple sold 38 million in their overpriced telephones previous quarter. I have an android cellphone since I used to be inexpensive and required an inexpensive program. I ll an extremely satisfied shareholder. Three more shares ought to be coming my way this yr when the inventory doesn t warmth up. Moreover totally free beer, I'm able to t visualize a much better offer than possessing AAPL.

May 19 03:36 PMI additional up my shares of Apple, the dividend they may be paying out me, and my time horizon. Apple FYI does not have to develop anymore ground breaking products to carry on to create a fortune in earnings. The remarkable Apple gadget days can be over. I scanned your report, it absolutely was extensive even for baloney but now I see you extoll the virtues of Gates and Buffet when trashing Romney? Do you think you're severe? Gates and Buffet are providing cash away right now due to the fact they don t need to spend it to Uncle Obama after they re Lifeless. Whenever they delete my remark I don t treatment possibly, they can delete me far too who cares? I have some shares of AAPL and i am lovin it child.

May one 04:19 PMI feel there are actually very good points in the short article. But I think that Apple just didn t know very well what to try and do with everything funds.

May one 02:29 PMCool report perfectly completed. Additional points for not together with meaningless charts of AAPL share price ranges more than time. Several other commenters have tended to disregard Apple model energy, gigantic income, income, buyer pleasure and loyalty. It truly is as if most Apple bashers never observed the action at an Apple shop and just lurked around a cell cell phone shop within a downmarket shopping center. I want I'd $100 million to order some additional shares of AAPL like that Russian but I ll should get by with what I've. Microsoft these days has Business and Windows as its bread and butter. It's not substantially of a moat because alternatives exist that are no cost. Other Microsoft attempts at copycat items haven't succeeded. I essentially saw a tragic pathetic Microsoft retailer in the San Jose shopping mall, oh person what a complete waste of place as well as chriping of crickets was virtually audible.

Apr 29 03:24 AMWatching Melissa I pretty much get yourself a sore neck, she s often tilting her head thanks to her hair. It could materialize someday but only when Apple will make under $190 on Just about every sale on average.

Apr twenty five 04:59 PMAfter Apple started to consume Microsoft s lunch (examine: kick its ass), there was denial through the Microsoft fanboys who're probably operating XP Today. Zune, Surface area, Vista replica omega watch forum , horrible duds, Home windows 8 maybe a dud. Now the same fanboys are telling us that Apple has become exactly the same sclerotic nongrowth corporation Microsoft is. Microsoft s bread and butter is Windows and Business. Sadly, outstanding and cost-free solutions exist for both of those. It's not an excellent moat . Macs comprise a small percent from the full pcs marketed, tag heuer carrera watch price but make practically 50% from the gains. If you question this, consider sneaking a samsung into an Apple box and shocking your wife/girlfriend/mistress (or boyfriend, replica watches gasp) having a present iPad . Begin to see the reaction for your minimal practical joke.

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